Rain, Rain, Go Away

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Oh the places you'll go...

We should have know better than to attempt to take a day off from all the work we have hanging over our heads.  But we tried it anyway. Three classmates, a new Turkish friend and I decided to go to the opera last night.  Normally, this is not my thing, but I figured that I’m on the other side of the world, I’m submerged in an entirely new and different  culture and that this was a unique opportunity to do something different. Well, it was definitely different…

My three classmates and I got all dolled up and met our new Turkish friend in Taksim square where we took a cab to the venue. Unfortunately for us, we did not notice that the sky was an angry shade of grey and threatening to pour at any moment. It wasn’t until we got to the venue that we realized that it was outdoors and that the sky had taken on the appearance of a menacing night-spoiler. And then the rain came. Random drops at first but it quickly progressed in to a downpour, complete with huge flashes of lightening and the occasional rumble of thunder. Of course we were totally unprepared for rain; all dolled up in skirts and dresses and open toed shoes. Our chivalric Turkish friend quickly ran off and bought these thin, trash bag like, plastic parkas for us to wear. Although they did keep us somewhat more dry, there was no outsmarting Mother Nature. By the end of the opera, we were wet, cold, wrapped in plastic, and tired.

Despite the rain, the opera itself was beautiful.  The stage set up was simple, elegant, and really pretty. The cast was enormous, probably about 60 performers, and extremely talented and the music was beautiful. Overall I was incredibly impressed by the performance. I felt bad though for the performers. They had obviously worked really hard to put on a beautiful performance and half the audience had left as a result of the rain. I can’t imagine how discouraging it might have felt to be up there on stage, giving your best effort for a great performance, and watching your audience trickle out.

Rain or no rain, it was a successful night. The ones that stayed and persevered through the rain seemed to really enjoy the performance. I know I did, but I think I’ll bring an umbrella the next time I think about doing something other than school work 😉

Peace and Love


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