Ummmmm…. What to write, what to write? I have been pondering this question for the past several hours and still, all I can come up with is “what to write, what to write”??? Yes folks it’s writers block.  That ever so frustrating feeling when you can’t even put one  interesting and coherent sentence together. When you know you have something at the tip of your fingers and yet you can’t seem to find the words to type.

I spent most of my afternoon hours today sitting in my favorite spot, a tiny cafe around the corner from where we are living, staring at my computer screen, attempting to will interesting and fabulous words and ideas to come to me. No such luck. Instead, the frustration mounted as my blank Word doc stared back at me mockingly.

There is nothing more frustrating to a writer (or at least to this writer) when words fail you. It’s almost as if my craft (one of them) has abandoned me, betrayed me, and left me empty headed and heavy hearted.

My solution to writer’s block is normally simple: I don’t write until I have something interesting to write about. But seeing as I told myself that I would write everyday, here I sit trying to force an exciting and engaging entry to manifest itself.  Apparently, it is not in the cards tonight. My brain has called it quits until further notice (which I hope will have come by the time I wake up).

Peace and Love


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