Coming back to Istanbul, from Ankara, yesterday felt like coming home. When I saw the expansive city scape come in to view I could barely contain my excitement. My love for this city has grown exponentially with each passing day. If it weren’t for the suitcases stacked in the corner of my dorm room, I might actually believe that I live here.

Our weekend in Ankara was filled with much needed laziness and gluttony. My classmate and I stayed with her friend and her parents in their comfy apartment. Her mother enthusiastically fed us as much and as often as she could. Her cooking was fantastic – some of the best meals I have ever eaten. It was really nice to be in a warm and welcoming family atmosphere.

Ankara is a lovely city, but it’s not Istanbul. We took a leisurely day checking out Atatürk’s tomb and an ethnography museum. That afternoon we sat in a patio bar drinking milkshakes, smoking hookah and playing backgammon. The next day we went to the lake and sat at a cafe and drank tea and sodas and talked. A simple weekend of much needed nothingness.

The bus ride back to Istanbul was long, but not as challenging as the one to Ankara. There was one screaming child (instead of several) and one woman that was unpleasant (instead of a row full) but neither of them managed to dampen my spirits as I anxiously awaited being back in Istanbul.

It’s good to be home.

Peace and Love.


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