Monday morning, back to the grind that is student life. After a long weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing, the grind doesn’t feel as comfortable as it once did and today contained more challenges than the average.

I am finally finishing up my profile piece on Ferat Şahin, the director of the Children of Hope Association. Good thing too, because it is due in full tomorrow. I am really happy with the written piece, but less than thrilled with the images (can’t win ’em all). Regardless, it’s done and it has to be done. It’s time to move on to the multimedia piece. That would be the problem…

This afternoon I found myself sitting in the hallway outside our multimedia lab feeling quite discouraged and overwhelmed. I had hit a brick wall with my feature ideas and I was almost feeling ready to quit. Luckily, I have too much pride and ego for that. Instead I sat down with my advisors and tried to figure out a way to pull my dying feature from its deathbed. The conclusion was to find a new subject. Not necessarily what I was hoping for, but it has to be done.

So my new feature piece will be on a street performer (or a group of performers) and I have made my peace with that. Tomorrow, my interpreter and I hit the pavement in search of a subject. The bright side is that it will be more visually appealing, the downside is that I have 7 days to get it done. Perseverance is key.

I feel a lot of doubt, fear of failure, and stress. These are all emotions I have felt before. Such is the life of being a student… or at least my life as a student. I am grateful to be present enough to feel these feelings and know that they are not fact and I am grateful for the amazing support I have received from my advisors. If nothing else, I have found in this experience a new strength and  the ability to ask for help. Those are valuable things to possess.

Regardless of how I feel about my new topic, I believe that everything happens for a reason, whether I like the reason or not. I know that there is potential for something great. And who knows? This could be the story that I am meant to tell.

Peace and Love.


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