I am feeling accomplished and a little more comfortable with this whole multimedia feature assignment today. Much to my relief, I got a lot more done today than I anticipated.

I was on Istikal again today. I went to meet with my new subject for this feature piece; the pantomime. We interviewed for about and hour, which went really well. I got clarification on the interview from yesterday (which didn’t go as smoothly), my interpreter and I worked really well together, and I got most of my questions answered. I feel like I have a much better picture of this woman and what she does, which is important because I have to know exactly what I want to ask for my video interview tomorrow.

After the interview, she performed for about and hour. She did 3 routines and they were really amazing. I felt like  I went from simply watching it to understanding it thanks to all the talking we had done. It’s really incredible to  be able to see a person’s passion come to life right before your eyes. While she performed, I videoed it. It was  really hard!!! She moved all over the place and so quickly that I felt frantic trying to keep up with her. After her  first performance I made the decision to go with one angle at a time. So if I set up low, I would wait for her to  come into frame and shoot until she moved out of frame and then set up from another angle and do it again. That  worked out a lot better, except that I kept feeling like I was missing things. The important thing is that I should  (hopefully) have some useable clips from all different vantage points. Also while I was videoing, I would switch  to photographing intermittently and that, I felt, went really well.

This multimedia thing is a whole new world to me and I can’t really gauge how I am doing at it because I have no  experience doing it. I find the video thing really intimidating. However, I am here and I have a great teacher, so I  am going to take advantage of this opportunity. I hope to build on this experience and expand my talents beyond  photography.

That is all for now. I have about a million hours of editing and transcribing to do.

Peace and Love.


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