I spent several hours in the computer lab today working on my feature piece and being mocked by Final Cut Express. It was frustrating to say the least. I have 2 more days to put this piece together and, needless to say, I’m getting a little nervous.

Despite the abuse I endured from the menacing software, my day consisted of much loveliness and much sadness at the thought of returning home so soon. Tonight, a friend and I sat on the Bosphorus with the locals. As my feet dangled over the water and the fireworks boomed, our conversation broke into fits of laughter. It was one of my happiest moments since I have been here. It was just so simple.

In Beşiktaş, the Bosphorus is the local hang out spot. All day and all night long, people of all ages sit out on its docks and drink tea and eat sunflower seeds and fish and chat and laugh. It’s one of the things that I love about this city. Despite the crazy traffic and the over zealous taxi drivers, Istanbul feels like it moves slowly, nonchalantly, and peacefully through its days. There is much tea drinking and sitting in waterfront bars for leisurely beers (or in my case, diet cokes). Life seems simpler and more relaxed here.

I am sure that this is probably not how the locals feel, but coming from the city that I come from, I find the life here to be refreshing and endearing. I hope that one day, I will be able to join in the simplicity. I hope that one day everyone may find the contentment that I have found here.

Peace and Love.

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