About Me

Photo Credit: Merel van Beeren Photo Credit: Merel van Beeren

My name is Kat and I am a freelance multimedia journalist based in Kentucky. Inspired by photojournalism pioneers such as Robert Capa, W. Eugene Smith and Kevin Carter, I pursued a degree in photography and, later, another degree in journalism at California State University, Northridge.

I have worked in multiple countries including Turkey, Israel, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, France, Indonesia, Nepal, The Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, and Japan. I am available for assignments covering social, political, and global issues anywhere in the world.

My work is geared mainly towards activism and documentary photography and multimedia production, coupled with written articles. As a journalist, I am interested in the power that photography and video can have on social consciousness as a whole. My goal is to use my multimedia skills to document the lives of those who suffer from disease, poverty, war, discrimination, violence, etc. I aim to produce multifaceted work that endeavors to tell in depth stories, bringing to light various social and global issues while capturing their impact on the human element.

My hope is to inspire others to take action and push for change. Maybe I’m an idealist, perhaps I’m naive, but I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone just cared a little more.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Peace and Love

  1. Hi there,

    Currently me and my art partner are in Istanbul. We are the midst of our art tour, 7 weeks touring the Arab/Islamic world. As we travel we like to connect with ‘everyday’ people who don’t have the oppurtunity or accessibilty to typical visit Art Exhibits. For these reasons we do pop-up art shows in marginalised neighborhoods connecting with the locals. As we travel we also like to visit NPO and NGO’s, where we look to connect with the beneficiaries explaining our trip, that in these polarised times, created by media and other sources, there seems to be a clash of civilisations, but to us, and many who we know there isn’t such clash and West VS. East. We want to build a dialouge through our project.

    I read in a previous post of yours of your visit to the Children of Hope Foundation. I am very keen to visit them while we are here as this is the kind of orginasations we want to work with. If you have any contact info, or more specific address or directions to where they are exactly it would be extremely helpful. All the best! Thank you!!


    • Hi Chanel,
      I’m sorry to get back to you so late. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and for contacting me. I never had an exact address for Children of Hope. The translator that I worked with got in touch with Ferat, the program’s director, and he gave us directions. However, the place was very hard to find and he eventually came and met us and took us back to the organization. Also, Ferat doesn’t speak any English, so a translator is definitely necessary.
      All I can tell you is that the organization is in Bakırköy off of a main highway. Somewhere towards its backside are some woods and on the other side of the woods is a large medical center. That’s all I really remember. I was heavily reliant on my translator.
      Hope you have been enjoying your time in Istanbul and continue to do so.
      Best wishes,

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